Sunday, October 7, 2012

Relaxing weekend

I've been doing a whole lot of nothing except enjoying this awesome cool weather! Mommy went to the Second Helpings store on Williamson Road and got a doggy barrier to put in the back of the SUV so we could ride in there and stay in the back - I am a really good rider but my brothers could use some help! Anyway, all the money goes to the rescue mission and they have some really great doggy stuff! Then mommy went to check out the Purrfect Treasures store in Franklin co. All proceeds go to the Franklin co. Shelter. She said she was soooo impressed and everyone should go check it out!
Last night I was a little spunky. I stole mu's bone, took it out in the yard at 9pm and stayed out there for 30 minutes. The only way mom could get me in was to say the t- word.... You know t-r-e-a-t.... I have to spell it out or I will want one!
Dad let mom sleep in this morning and made us breakfast! Those eggs sure were yummy! After we ate, daddy loved on all of us... I just love my daddy so darn much!
Dr. B is coming tomorrow to take out these stitches and talk to mommy and daddy about when we start chemo. I'm a little nervous but I will keep everyone posted!

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  1. Hey Juno! You know I love you - but I think you forgot to mention something. You ALWAYS talk about how much you love your daddy - but what about how much he loves you!? I think HE knew before ANYONE (or any dog) that you were already home with him. What do you think? Love you fat girl!