Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cancer Update

Another rainy day, but that's okay! I totally got my stalk on this morning while mom was preparing dinner for tonight in the crockpot. That crockpot is going to drive me crazy today, I just know it! Now, for an update. Dr. B called mommy last night and said she was finally able to talk to the oncologist at NC State. They said, and Dr. B agrees, that my case is a special one because I'm still eating really good and acting normal (well, who's to say what normal is, hehehe). NC State and Dr. B said that if I was their doggy, they would wait, monitor and we would start chemo at the first sign of advancement (meaning my lymphnodes getting bigger). Dr. B said that sometimes when you start chemo it "opens Pandora's box", whatever that means, and there can be less desirable side effects. So here's the deal....mom told me to prepare myself because after this I'm going to look funny. Dr. B said we can monitor by shaving all the hair around my throat and back leg lymphnodes, circle them with a black Sharpie and use a ruler to measure any growth. My assured me that I would still be the prettiest pitty in all the land and that I could even wear my big white flower pin and tutu to "cover-up" if I"m self conscious. Phew! Mom said it doesn't matter if I look like a hot mess to some because I will always be their girly girl! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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