Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

WOW was it windy last night! I DID not like it for one minute...but, it was so windy this morning that mommy got to stay home from work. She woke up at 4:50 and it woke all of us up! Do you know she wouldn't let me or my brothers go out on our own?! She said we might blow away....like all 75 pounds of me is going to blow away! I felt like she was stalkin' me on that leash so I ran her all over the yard trying to find the perfect spot then, after five minutes, I decided I would just hold it. Mom didn't look pleased. But, I cuddled with Mom on the couch all day. Dr. B came by tonight. Mom and Dad thought it might be time to start chemo because my lymph nodes were up....BUT, it's not time! My lungs sound good and Dr. B said I was actin' froggy! It's the weather, I tell ya! I'm all frizky because the wind is blowin' over my chub rolls...makes me feel like a new pibble! Stay warm tonight everyone!

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