Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

WOW was it windy last night! I DID not like it for one minute...but, it was so windy this morning that mommy got to stay home from work. She woke up at 4:50 and it woke all of us up! Do you know she wouldn't let me or my brothers go out on our own?! She said we might blow away....like all 75 pounds of me is going to blow away! I felt like she was stalkin' me on that leash so I ran her all over the yard trying to find the perfect spot then, after five minutes, I decided I would just hold it. Mom didn't look pleased. But, I cuddled with Mom on the couch all day. Dr. B came by tonight. Mom and Dad thought it might be time to start chemo because my lymph nodes were up....BUT, it's not time! My lungs sound good and Dr. B said I was actin' froggy! It's the weather, I tell ya! I'm all frizky because the wind is blowin' over my chub rolls...makes me feel like a new pibble! Stay warm tonight everyone!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

To Grandmother's House we go...

Daddy woke up early and loved on me before he went shooting today. When he left I was sitting around looking oh so pitiful. Mom felt sorry for me and loaded me up in the car with her to go visit Meemaw... She's mom's grandma so that makes me her great granddog! Anyway... I got there and grandma was there, too! ( that's mom's mom) she has stopped at McDonald's and there was a big 'ole breakfast sitting right smack dab on the table when I arrived! Me and grandma have a bond... She kept distracting mom and sneaking me pieces of biscuits under the table. Then, I laid down at meemaw's feet and let her pet me.... It was sooo relaxing!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile! Things have been going good for me... No major increase in my lymph nodes so that's good! I do have to share the injustice that JUST happened! As you all know I LOVE bread! I can eat an entire loaf at once.... So mom and dad stopped putting bread in the box because I totally know how to get in there- after all, I'm a pro! Well dad made mom go to some scary movie tonight and when they got home .... They found the bag of potatoes in the floor! That's right everybody ... They are keeping potatoes in the bread box as a decoy!!!!! I have no interest in potatoes! Yuck! Someone send a Merrita truck this way ASAP!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

River bound!

Mom had a bunch of stuff to do today but when she finally got home we all piled in the car and headed to the river so she could get some silt, whatever that is, for some lesson she is teaching her kids. I know... Major snooze but the good part was that I got to go car riding and the best part was that I got to get in the river. The bad part is mom wouldn't let me eat the dead fish that was laying there. That's my kind of fish... I didn't have to catch it or anything but she said no. We were really proud of Mu! He hates water and he got in up to his chest! Andy is a frilly frew frew prince so he would t go in but we had a blast!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My day did NOT start off well.... Do you know that mom actually took the time to call dad on her way to work to tell him to move the banana bread that she brought home last night so that I didn't get it ?! Where is DPS ( dog protective services) when ya need them?! My day got much better when mom got home and there was mail in the mailbox for me for Ms Christy's furkids: Heidi, Hank and Oliver! I love getting mail! Mommy got one from Ms Gina last week and one from Great grandma! Thanks for showing me so much love!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Vet visit!

Dr. B came today! As if I didn't look funny before I sure do look funny now! She said she didn't notice any difference in the size of my lymph nodes which is a good thing! So shaved the back of my legs and my chest area and took a marker and made dotted circles around the lymph nodes there and at my lady parts! This way, mom and dad can keep an eye on them and as soon as they notice them growing- we start chemo! The goal is that we can start my chemo as soon as the school year is done at the end of May so mom can be home with me all summer... But May is a long ways off and we all know that things can change pretty quickly so we will start that 'ole chemo whenever I need it! Dr. B took out my stitches today... Even she was surprised my hasn't already done it! She let mom take some photos while she here! I just live when Dr.B pulls up! Dr.B =treats!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Relaxing weekend

I've been doing a whole lot of nothing except enjoying this awesome cool weather! Mommy went to the Second Helpings store on Williamson Road and got a doggy barrier to put in the back of the SUV so we could ride in there and stay in the back - I am a really good rider but my brothers could use some help! Anyway, all the money goes to the rescue mission and they have some really great doggy stuff! Then mommy went to check out the Purrfect Treasures store in Franklin co. All proceeds go to the Franklin co. Shelter. She said she was soooo impressed and everyone should go check it out!
Last night I was a little spunky. I stole mu's bone, took it out in the yard at 9pm and stayed out there for 30 minutes. The only way mom could get me in was to say the t- word.... You know t-r-e-a-t.... I have to spell it out or I will want one!
Dad let mom sleep in this morning and made us breakfast! Those eggs sure were yummy! After we ate, daddy loved on all of us... I just love my daddy so darn much!
Dr. B is coming tomorrow to take out these stitches and talk to mommy and daddy about when we start chemo. I'm a little nervous but I will keep everyone posted!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big belly!

I must confess..... I've been a "bad dog " today. Mom came home from work, fed us and let us out and then had to run out real quick. She returned in 10 minutes and me and the boys had tipped the trash can over.... Oops! But it doesn't end there. Dad came home from work and put his work bag down with lunch still inside and went on downstairs to his daddy cave. Mom came home from the gym and his lunch was all over the living room... Well the sandwich baggies were all over the living room.... Oops again! Mom said she can't be too made because she will look back and laugh about this one day! I sure do have a full belly tonight!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Va va voom

WowZers I woke up with a lot of energy this morning. Mom was a little sad because she said she could feel the lymphnode in my chest area for the first time. I let her cuddle and love on me a bunch. She said so loves my big ole bat ears when she runs me from behind. After mom went to work the roofers showed up. Dad had to go to work,too, so me an the boys have been guarding the house all day. So much banging! When mom got home and let me out I realized all The roofers were men! I love men hehehe. I stayed outside over and hour staring at them. Shhhhh don't tell my daddy! I hope they saw my beautifulness. Mommy just finished making dinner and now they are eating in the living room and won't let us in the beg!!!! I'm stuck here behind this stupid dog gate with my brothers and drooling all over myself!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cancer Update

Another rainy day, but that's okay! I totally got my stalk on this morning while mom was preparing dinner for tonight in the crockpot. That crockpot is going to drive me crazy today, I just know it! Now, for an update. Dr. B called mommy last night and said she was finally able to talk to the oncologist at NC State. They said, and Dr. B agrees, that my case is a special one because I'm still eating really good and acting normal (well, who's to say what normal is, hehehe). NC State and Dr. B said that if I was their doggy, they would wait, monitor and we would start chemo at the first sign of advancement (meaning my lymphnodes getting bigger). Dr. B said that sometimes when you start chemo it "opens Pandora's box", whatever that means, and there can be less desirable side effects. So here's the deal....mom told me to prepare myself because after this I'm going to look funny. Dr. B said we can monitor by shaving all the hair around my throat and back leg lymphnodes, circle them with a black Sharpie and use a ruler to measure any growth. My assured me that I would still be the prettiest pitty in all the land and that I could even wear my big white flower pin and tutu to "cover-up" if I"m self conscious. Phew! Mom said it doesn't matter if I look like a hot mess to some because I will always be their girly girl! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainy Monday morning

I had THE best day yesterday. Mom and dad got up early to clean. Dad loved on me a lot. I have stars and hearts in my eyes for him I tell ya! Then Ms Gina asked me to go get some ice cream at Max's ice cream. I love going for rides in the car. Mom put me in my Sunday best and we headed that way. I placed my order and then realized I needed a little help getting it off that great big counter! It was soooo worth the wait. I LOVE I e cream. I got lots of compliments and pets on the head. Ms Gina even got me a cool new soft chew toy and I don't even have to share it if I don't want to. After the ice cream, we stopped by grandma's on the way home. I love that lady! She always makes sure I don't go hungry hehehe! Mom got an email back last night about starting water therapy to help build my endurance. I don't know what she is talking about but it sounds like work. Do you think I could eat ice cream while I do it? I do have to take a moment to shout out to my buddy Rhett who is about to go to rainbow bridge because he has the cancer. He a rockstar and his daddy is pretty awesome, too! I'll see you on the other side one day Rhett and we will eat lots of ice cream! Have a great Monday everyone.... Be thankful even on the rainy ones!