Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Funday

I had the best day yesterday. I slept on the couch with my brothers while mom went and bought craft supplies to make some pumpkins. When she got home, I totally helped her. I tried to taste to paint .... She kept saying,"it's not food!" What?! Everything is food! She kept fussing at me for trying to chew on the pumpkin stems, too. I mean, how are you going to being home these awesome orange things and expect me to just leave them alone?! Once she was finished she took my spooky Halloween photo with them... BOO! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my medical tags came yesterday. Yeppers, now if I decide to sneak my way out of the yard hopefully someone will quickly help me get back home. This morning we all got in the bed. Mommy said her heart smiles when we are all together. I guess that's why she let me clean her breakfast plate. Don't worry, I shared! Have a great day!

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