Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Beginning....

So my mom thought it would be a good idea to start a blog to document my journey in hopes of helping someone else out who might be going through this in the future. For those reading this for the first time, let me give you a quick introduction to yours truly....
In May of 2011, I wondered up to my mom's work. Her boss let her take me home and return to work. While she was away, I escaped and some neighbor called the cops on me! Before I knew it, I was dropped in a high kill pound ...and bein' a pitbull wasn't such a good thing! But mom came looking for me, even though I wasn't hers yet. She offered to adopt me if no one claimed me. After 6 weeks in that awful place, they FINALLY let her take me home. Her and daddy already had two furkids and thought they would find me a home of my own. No home seemed good enough and before long they decided what I already knew...this was my forever home. Since then, I have had several medical issues including incontinence, staph infections and lyme disease. All of which I had before I came to my furever home, but mom and dad happily gave me all the medical attention I could ever want. Over the past several months, my lymphnodes have been swollen so my vet, Dr. B- who is awesome and comes to my house, decided we should do a cancer biopsy for lymphoma. On Monday, September 24, 2012 around 9:10, my parents received the call they were dreading....I have intermediate lyphoma. Now, the question is when to start my chemo. Dr. B is going to talk to the oncologists at NC State to decide since I'm doing pretty good right now. I have to say that I have been feeling MIGHTY good today! I stole my first bit of food of the counter since my surgery (I'm really good and sneaking bread. So good that the breadbox has become an empty decoy because I know how to open it!) Tonight, I'm laying on the rug with a FULL, and I mean FULL bread belly.
Don't mind my shaved back leg from the biopsy!

Encouragement and support are greatly appreciated along the way!

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