Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lazy Saturday

It's cloudy and rainy so today is a lazy day. Mom and dad got a little worried because I fell coming up the steps this morning. They aren't sure if my leg was weak or if I was just going too dog on fast to go eat breakfast. Have I mentioned that I love to eat?! Mommy even let me lick the inside of her Ensure bottle- it's like my most favorite thing. She tells people she's on the "Juno has a cancer and gets anything she wants diet" so all I have to do is stare at her with these big, sweet eyes and I usually get something! I was bummed this morning because dad had to work overtime today, whatever that is. But he loved on me before he left. Mommy snapped a pic but she caught me stickin my tongue out at my brothers while I sang "nah nah" in my head. Right now I'm lounging on the couch with writers block next to Mu who seems to think it is cold in here and Andy who is dying for someone to pet him! Have a great Saturday everypawdy!

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