Monday, January 14, 2013

My night at the emergency vet...

Wow is it good to be home after a night like last night. Let me recap the day/night... We went to bed close to
Midnight Saturday and mommy woke up to the noise of my tummy at 8am Sunday. She thought I was hungry so she tried to feed me breakfast and I wouldn't eat... I know! I wouldn't eat! Mommy got in the car, went to the store and bought canned pumpkin. I ate 4 spoonfuls and that was it. Around 11 Dr B called mommy back and told her to try some of Mu's tummy pain meds... Didn't help. The day went on... I tried throwing up a bunch and nothing much was happening... Tried some number twos .... Nothing! Mommy talked to Dr B around 8 and she said mommy might want to take me to the emergency vet. We got there and they were so darn nice to me. They weighed me and I am down to 63 pounds because mom and dad have the kitchen on lock! My blood work came back fabulous but my X-ray showed something weird. They thought it was an animal skull... Mom saw it and thought it was a squeaker ... Mom was close! They wanted me to go to Lynchburg Emergency Vet right away and have a endoscopy done since they don't have one here. We headed that way at 10pm and got there at 11:30pm. They were super busy and didn't get to me until around 12:15. They finally took me back at 1:00am. Mom was sitting in her car waiting when her phone rang at 3am asking her to come inside the building. The vet tech took her to the back and there I was laying on the table with a camera down my throat and my tummy on the tv... Mom almost hurled. She had to sit down- amateur ! They told her they has been going for two hours and the pieces were too big and they would have to do surgery. We didn't do surgery in Roanoke because they didn't want to cut me open since I have chemo coming up... But it had to be done. I went straight into surgery at 3:00am and was out by 3:45am. Mom got to leave with me and head to Big Lick Animal clinic at 7:30am. We got there at 9:30am and they kept me with an IV and morphine until 4:30 today and then I got to finally come home! I am doing good- just groggy! My appetite is back but I'm only allowed 1 tablespoon of wet food every 2 hours to 4 hours for 48 hours since they cut my tummy and intestines open. Once I am healed in about two weeks, I will begin chemo! Thank you for all the well wishes!!!! Pibble kisses and love!

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