Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

"Whole"y wheat bread....Mommy has been off for like forever and daddy is off this week, too, and WOW do I have a lot to catch everyone up on. Let's see....about two weeks Mommy cleaned out the guinea pig cage, but hadn't taken the bag out to the trash yet. She kept hearing something and hearing something and guess was ME and guess what I was going....EATING GUINEA PIG POOP! Mommy freaked and called Dr. B who said I would be fine and think of it as extra fiber. May not be your cup-of-tea, but it was YUMMY! Dr. B came and said everything still looked good- some increase, but good. She will be back in two more weeks to check me out. On Christmas Eve, Mommy took foster puppy Maggie out to potty so I took the opportunity to sneak into the kitchen and eat 5 cookies...not just any cookies...of course, they were made with Baker's chocolate. So....daddy had to stay home with me on Christmas Eve while mommy went to Christmas stuff with the family. Long story short, I was fine- thank goodness, because I sure didn't want to throw that delicousness up....Ok, so I've told you about the poop, told you about the cookies....oh yes....last weekend my brothers got in a fight over food. Mommy always feeds them separate because Andy is REALLY into his food. She thought Mu was done so she let Andy out of the kitchen, Mu got upset, Andy got upset while Mom was pulling them apart, I - always the opportunist- ate the food :) I know you all didn't see that one coming. Ms. Gina came over the other night and brought me, well "us", a LOT of toys. Mommy says I have officially become a hoarder and I must share- whatever! I got a bath a today. I LOVE baths. They make me feel so spunky, but then I wandered into the bathroom later when daddy was painting and got paint on my beautiful fur. Go figure...but you can't stay clean forever! Happy New Year!!!!

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