Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello friends!

Hello everyone! It sure has been a looooong time since I've been on. I tell mommy to get on and type since I don't have thumbs but she is always going here and there and everywhere.... Maybe I need to get me an iPad with big letters that my big ole paws will fit on! Anywho I've been up to a lot lately. Some of my bestest friends In the whole wide world threw my a fundraiser to help pay for my chemo! It made me super special knowing everyone cares about me so much! Dr B is supposed to come Wednesday and do another check up. If we have to start chemo before the summer then mommy said Mrs Shelli Conner is gonna watch me. She said she is a total dog lady and ill like het. And she lives near mommy's work so she can be there in a hop, skip and jump.... Whatever that means... Sounds like a lot of work! Anyway- guess what I did to mommy last night...just guess... Well I acted like I didn't feel good and fell asleep on the couch upstairs (I never do that). So mommy went and got a blanket and pillow and went to bed on the couch and guess what happened when she woke up... I was gone... I went to the bed and slept with dad! Hahahaha joke's on mom! Silly mommy! Now let me ask everyone a big favor... Please keep my BFF Ms Gina in your thoughts cause she has been sick and she needs to get Better soon so Parker can play. I would go play with Parker but we don't see snout to snout or tail to tail.... Now I'm off to continue begging for mom's trail mix!

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