Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello everyone!

Mommy has been having some "technical issues" with my blog. Everytime she would help me write something and try to publish it, it would disappear. I wonder where it went? Maybe some nice doggy in China is reading my posts?! BOL. Anyway, things have been pretty quite around here lately, which is a good thing. Let's see.....ah yes, two weeks ago Mommy dressed me and my two bros up, loaded us in the car with Daddy and we went and took "family photos". I saw some of the sample pictures and I have to say, I look the best. Mom and Dad always tell me what a pretty pitty I am and boy do I believe them! I got to wear my tu-tu and bow personally made for ME by Mrs Gina! You guys should visit her etsy store: GBDEE. It's a really great store! Then, last weekend we had Thanksgiving....seriously my favorite holiday. Not because of all the food, but because I am thankful....well...thankful for all the food BOL. I protected mommy's pies like a hawk. She didn't trust me alone though so I never got a taste in. Whatever that is all about. Saturday was my first day off of my pain pills since this weirdo growth on my paw and I'm pleased to announced that I haven't limped not one time! It's still there, but we think it's getting better. OH and the biggest news that you all have missed...we have a temporary house guest....a new foster puppy is here until Christmas-ish time when she gets to go to her forever home. Her mommy is trying to surprise her new human brother and sister for Christmas so she is staying here until then. THey come visit a lot be the kids have no idea that she will be there's.....they just think they are coming to help by playing with her BOL! Boy, will the be surprised. Alls I have to say is she better be out of here by Christmas because I get jealous when Daddy holds her. There is only room for one diva in this house and I'm a total daddy lover. I think that catches everyone up on what I've been up to. My next doctor's appointment is December 19th. P.S. Mommy wanted me to share that we have saved and raised a quarter of the costs for my cancer treatments WOOHOO! We are off to a great start! Thanks again to everyone who is thinking about me and praying for me!

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